Cenotaph for Marcel Duchamp

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By studying the existence of a person who was interested in the question, "what is?" I will examine the way architecture can create a change of perception in one's sense of being . An architecture that re-creates the existence of a person in a space . A cenotaph dedicated to Marcel Duchamp. The structure will serve to bring about a change in the way one perceives " being ." It will allow one to become aware of oneself and allow one to have a renewed understanding of the concept of existence . This changed perception about the concept of being will then create , in the visitor, a state of mind that will allow the visitor to become aware of the existence of Duchamp . The cenotaph will be located in the context of the question "what is art?" , in the answer "what art is ", the museum , and in particular the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the United States .

Duchamp, Marcel, 1887-1968 -- Monuments, Monuments