Lest we perish

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Xbssis.Sl3ie.rrieot: The awareness and understanding of the relationship of man to man and man to his environment, achieved through layering, will lead others to demand more positive social environments. Context Filled with man-made problems: isolation, segregation, complacency, placelessness, violence and pollution, the state of the human world and the condition of humanity merge forth in all envirnoments. That is to say that the context we all face universally embodies man and his unwillingness to take responsibilty for his decisions and actions. Scope of Project: The facility, a memorial to the lost awareness of the relationship between man to man and man to his environment, will consist of several spaces that house different ways in which we as humans create awareness.

Architecture, Memorials -- Design, Good and evil, Consciousness -- Social aspects, Social justice, Social action, New Orleans (La.)