Mirror Quality and the Performance of Reflective

Temkin, H.
Gale, R.
Frisbie, S.
Linn, J.
Gorbanov, V.
Grave de Peralta, L.
Bernussi, A.
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Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers

This paper discusses an investigation of the effects of mirror quality on the performance of reflecting arrayed-waveguide- grating multiplexers. Using specially designed external mirrors as external reflectors, the optimum flatness and microroughness of the reflecting surface are determined. The experiments discussed in the paper indicate that a reflecting-surface flatness of 4 is sufficient to obtain high-performance reflective multiplexers. Extrinsic mirror-related phase and intensity errors were found to be negligible for surfaces polished with diamond lapping films with a grain size smaller than 1 m. These experimental results were found to be in excellent agreement with simulations based on mirror-related changes in the waveguide-grating-length increment.

Bernussi, A.A.; de Peralta, L.G.; Gorbounov, V.; Linn, J.A.; Frisbie, S.; Gale, R.; Temkin, H.; , "Mirror quality and the performance of reflective arrayed-waveguide grating multiplexers," LightwaveTechnology, Journal of , vol.22, no.7, pp. 1828- 1832, July 2004 doi: 10.1109/JLT.2004.831196