The impact of personal preferences, society, environmental influences, and perceived body image on Generation Y’s purchase intent

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In today’s society, a consumer’s choice determines and creates self-identity. Consumers are always searching for products that define them as individuals. The growing interest in body image as well as Generation Y females and their purchasing decisions is in part the reason behind this study. This study is designed to determine the reasons behind Generation Y female consumers purchase intention. This study investigates the many factors that influence Generation Y females to purchase apparel including personal factors which evolve from consumers’ needs and wants. Societal influences which constantly are trying to reflect the media stereotype of attractiveness. Environmental influences which help to define a female consumer’s perceived body image which is defined, developed and positively or negatively reinsured by her surrounding world. A women’s perceived body image plays a substantial role in her purchase of apparel. How an individual perceives herself impacts her clothing selection, while at the same time it influences how the consumer feels based on her confidence of her apparel choice (Kim & Damhorst, 2010).

Generation Y females, Personal influences, Societal influences, Environmental influences, Perceived body image, Body image satisfaction, Purchase intent