Experimental study of liquid marble formation and deformation dynamics



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We present findings from an experimental study of the impact of liquid droplets onto powder surfaces, where the particulates are hydrophobic. We vary both the size of the drop and impact speed coupled with the size range of the powder in order to assess the critical conditions for the formation of liquid marbles, where the drop becomes completely encapsulated by the powder, and arrested shapes, where the drop cannot regain its spherical shape. By using different hydrophobization agents we find that a lower particle mobility may aid in promoting liquid marble formation at lower impact kinetic energies. From observations of the arrested shape formations, we propose that simple surface tensions may be inadequate to describe deformation dynamics in liquid marbles. We also studied the dynamics of liquid marble deformation. For this we performed the impact experiments of liquid marble encapsulated with different sized particles sizes across a broad range of impact speed, V0 on substrates with different wettability. We hence determined the relation between the maximum spreading ratio, and the impact parameters for the case of liquid marbles. We also compared the spreading process of liquid marbles upon impact on rigid surface to that pure water droplets experimentally and thereby studied the fingering pattern and rupture dynamics of liquid marbles in comparison to the case of pure water droplets.



High speed imaging, Liquid marbles