Starbase Terra Alpha: A new spaceport for the planet Earth El Paso, Texas


Humanity stands at the threshold of a new millennium. Society has realized that the resources provided by the planet ore finite. The profession of architecture is only now becoming aware of the ecological and technological imperatives presented by this realization. At the some time, scientists are becoming aware of the relationship between the two main environments: natural and man-mode. This relationship is expressed in the relatively new field of nonlinear dynamics, also known as the Chaos Theory. Architecture must be formed at the Edge of Chaos to answer the demands of a new millennium. The vehicle chosen for this thesis is the passenger terminal of a spaceport. This facility will serve as the point of departure from and entry to the planet Earth. It will serve all classes of traveler, from business commuter to intrepid explorer. The site for this spaceport is northeast of El Paso, Texas, between Fort Bliss and the Texas-New Mexico state line. This location was chosen for its proximity to existing automobile, bus, roil and air transportation centers in El Paso, the existing space exploration technology at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, and the international quality of the Borderland Culture.

Airport buildings -- Design