Wearable system for obstacle detection and human assistance using ultrasonic sensor array

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Generally when we consider any system that deals with human assistance, basic requirements about the system are, it should be simple, user friendly and portable. As a person whoever is using this system need not be aware of all the operations which are taking place behind the screen, one must consider an ease of access to the user. Most of the human assistance systems are proposed to assist physically disabled people. In this project, we have proposed and tested a system which is based on the navigation and capable of proving information about the possible mapping of obstacles in surrounding. System consists of three phases. First phase is associated with the signal generation of chirp signal and echoing. Ultrasonic sensor array is used for this phase of the system. Second phase is associated with the signal processing unit. National Instruments myRIO1900 which is a Re configurable-Input-Output device is used to access all the pins of sensors. This device is made portable by using external power supply and a Wi-Fi module. It can be accessed and programmed using LabVIEW platform. The third phase is the output phase. The output is represented in terms of 2D maps, generated using LabVIEW and 3D maps, and generated using MATLAB. Design is proposed which is capable of providing some additional features in the system which makes it more reliable and can perform multiple tasks at the same time.

NI myRIO1900, Obstacle detection, Portable systems, Human assistance