African-American and Mexican-American cowboys: A multicultural, social reconstructionist, interdisciplinary art education curriculum

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This thesis is an integrated curriculum to introduce fourth graders to the lifestyles of the Mexican- and African-American cowboy. Through explorations into the artifacts and art of the Mexican-American and Afiican-American cowboys, students become more culturally aware of diverse views and lifestyles. Awareness and thoughtful study often lead to respect. Computer technology is used to provide individualized learning opportunities, promote higher-order thinking skills, and develop inquiry-based analytical skills including creative and critical thinking, data analysis, problem solving, and independent thinking. This thesis describes social reconstruction curricular foundations and the process of creating an interdisciplinary curriculum. The curriculum consists of three WebQuests activities that are based on the constructs as defined in this thesis: culture, multicultural education, multicultural art education, and muhicultural pedagogy. The thesis concludes with recommendations for implementing the curriculum based on analysis of a pilot implementation and also provides guidance on how to develop an integrated curriculum.

Mexican American cowboys -- Texas -- History, African American cowboys -- Texas -- History, Curriculum planning -- Texas, Education -- Curricula -- Cross-cultural studies, Art -- Study and teaching (Elementary) -- Texas