Self-Consistent Analysis of Microsecond Irreversible Electroporation with Heating in Individual Cells and Cell Clusters

dc.contributor.committeeChairJoshi, Ravi
dc.contributor.committeeMemberBaker, Mary
dc.contributor.committeeMemberStephens, Jacob
dc.creatorMilestone, William
dc.description.abstractThe field of electroporation has risen to prominence in recent years as a new technique useful for a wide array of biomedical applications, including electro-chemotherapy. Accurate and rapid simulation of the occurrence and effects of the electroporation are necessary for the continued advancement of this field as it moves towards larger experimental trials. The intended scope and goal of this work is to reduce the time for experimentation and be able to move towards optimal and efficient drug delivery systems by projecting electrically-driven bio-outcomes through simulations. The assessments through simulations are done by coupling previously used continuum analysis of electroporation to the Multiphysics capabilities of the COMSOL software tool. This cuts down the time for the simulation work significantly, provides acceptable levels of accuracy, and eliminates the need for deriving formulas for field calculations or affording analyses in complex cases for which analytical formulas cannot be obtained. Thus, the objective is to handle electroporation behavior and pore-dependent, time-varying conductivities without being restricted to simple geometries. It also affords the analysis of complicated but realistic cellular structures. Previous simulations of electroporation have typically been constrained to spherical or cylindrical geometries, which are too simple for actual cellular organelles or cells of practical interest. This work will explore the applications of electroporation and changes to protocols to make individual electroporation protocols more attractive for their various applications. The adjustment of the parameter space for optimized bio-responses between healthy and malignant cells is also examined.en_US
dc.rights.availabilityAccess is not restricted.
dc.subjectNumerical Simulation
dc.subjectScalable Computation
dc.subjectDirected Energy Bioeffects
dc.titleSelf-Consistent Analysis of Microsecond Irreversible Electroporation with Heating in Individual Cells and Cell Clustersen_US
dc.typeDissertation and Computer Engineering and Computer Engineering Tech University of Philosophy


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