Effects of multiple oral reading with explicit teaching on reading rate and accuracy for persons with acquired alexia

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For adults with chronic aphasia and alexia, repeated reading improves reading rate, and explicit teaching improves reading accuracy. These two reading treatments have not been combined with adults; however, repeated reading and explicit instruction have been combined in studies with children to increase oral reading fluency (rate and accuracy). This study involved a single subject multiple baseline design across three adult participants with acquired aphasia and alexia. A combined multiple oral reading with explicit teaching treatment was used for the purpose of improving reading fluency. Results revealed increased reading rates across all participants, yet no change in reading accuracy as a result of treatment. Further, improvements were achieved within a small number of treatment sessions in persons who are several years post onset of aphasia and alexia. Clinically, rapid improvements in oral reading rate may be achieved for persons with acquired alexia using multiple oral reading paired with explicit teaching.

Alexia, Aphasia, Dyslexia