Villa Savoye

dc.contributor.creatorRaimund McClain (photographer)en_US
dc.contributor.creatorLe Corbusier (Swiss architect, 1887-1965); Pierre Jeanneret (Swiss architect, 1896-1967)en_US
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dc.titleVilla Savoyeen_US
vra.imageagentRaimund McClainen_US
vra.imagerightsRaimund McClainen_US
vra.workagentLe Corbusier (Swiss architect, 1887-1965); Pierre Jeanneret (Swiss architect, 1896-1967)en_US
vra.workclassificationArchitecture and City Planningen_US
vra.workdate1929-1931 (creation)en_US
vra.workdate.century20th centuryen_US
vra.workdescriptionOriginally built as weekend country retreat, now totally surrounded by school and housing. "Unlike the confined urban locations of most of Le Corbusier's earlier houses, the openness of the Poissy site permitted a freestanding building and the full realization of his five-point program. Essentially the house comprises two contrasting, sharply defined, yet interpenetrating external aspects. The dominant element is the square single-storied box, a pure, sleek, geometric envelope lifted buoyantly above slender pilotis, its taut skin slit for narrow ribbon windows that run unbroken from corner to corner (but not over them, thus preserving the integrity of the sides of the square)." p 530en_US
vra.worklocationPoissy, Île-de-France, Franceen_US
vra.worklocation.note82 rue de Villiersen_US
vra.workmaterialsteel; glass; concreteen_US
vra.workstyleperiodInternational Style (modern European architecture style); Modern; Modernisten_US
vra.worksubjectarchitectural exteriors; architectural interiorsen_US
vra.worktechniqueconstruction (assembling)en_US
vra.worktitleVilla Savoyeen_US
vra.workworktypebuildings; dwellings; housesen_US


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