Aquatic sports training center for Texas Tech University (ASTC): water sport facility

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Assertion: The pliilosophy of water can be correiatecj with giving life and causing death. Water is an element that gives life and takes life. The struggle to swinn Is the struggle for life. Life is born and nnade healthy through hydration. Floods drown and erode the earth. Athletics is an evolution of nnan's relationship with water. By conquering water through learned movennents; we ore able to evade drowning by swinnnning. Diving into water then beconnes the next struggle between life and death. Once we hove conquered our fear of death; water then becomes a tool for meditation and reflection. Statement: Water usage con be influenced by architectural facility planning Human activity with water will progress even further to include multiuse water facilities. Humankind has been interacting with water since the beginning of time. Some main purposes of water ore for sport, fitness and relaxation. We hove the need to tame the oceans, both regularly and compete through sport as a type of recreation. Water interacts with architecture. Water facilitates life. Water is the earth's main recourse. Water cleanses, hydrates, and facilitates activity. Architecture interacts with water by inclosing, exposing, and directing flow. Thesis Project / Translation: The Olympic Games consist of many water sports. These sports may be facilitated in a multiuse facility. Texas Tech University does not have a water sport team of any kind. The proposed water facility will combine these activities and provide water and water related environments for the athlete's health. Athletes can be physically strengthened through water exercise and they can also be mentally strengthened through meditation through environmental influences.

Architecture, Swimming pools -- Design, College buildings -- Design, Water and architecture, Physical education and training, Lubbock (Tex.)