Open Mapping with Official Cartographies in the Americas


Governments need data to be effective and accountable to the SDGs. Spatial data are key to meeting these goals, and youth open mapping represents one way to support official cartographies, especially to advance SDG 16. We explored how youth could add value by integrating OSM data into public agency maps while offering education opportunities (SDG 4).


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Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, Official cartography, Panama, Public institutions, Volunteered geographic information


Arriaga, V., Birkenes, A., Council, D., Jones, M., Lay, Soler, E.K., McCarley, J.S., Wulf, E., Zhang, C., Wintemute, J.P., Aguirre, N., & Solis, P.. 2023. Open Mapping with Official Cartographies in the Americas. Sustainable Development Goals Series, Part F2734.