An evaluation of the agricultural educators mentor program in Texas



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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the mentor program implemented by the Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas (VATAT) in effort to support early career agricultural educators. The study sought to determine the demographics of program participants, identify needs of early career agricultural educators and the amount of aid mentors provided for those needs, and to describe the relationship between mentor and mentee throughout the mentoring experience. The evaluation was monitoring program success which includes program process and monitoring outcomes. The target population was the early career agricultural educators enrolled in the mentor program during the 2017-2018 school year. The population of 33 program participants was sent a survey using the QualtricsTM. A total of 12 respondents completed the survey resulting in a 36.4% response rate. Participants had varying educational backgrounds in order to obtain a teacher certification and generally agreed roles and responsibilities during their first year as an agricultural educator. Participants reported receiving assistance in roles and responsibilities corresponding with their high need areas. Early career agricultural educators reported having a positive relationship with their mentor. The VATAT mentor program overall provided a positive experience for early career agricultural educators.



Agricultural Education, Mentor, Evaluation