A Recreation Facility for Vail, Colorado


We, as humans, have the need to seek, understand, and posses truth, balance, and order. Our being is composed of the physical, intellectual, and spiritual (or emotional) realms. By the development of these realms, we are able to move closer to the achievement of our full potential, which is total truth, balance, and order. For a thesis project, through which to further develop, explore, and express my thesis, I have chosen a recreational facility. A building which houses physical activities. Activities which express our physical nature and thus our humanness. It is my intent, to express this humanness with my architecture. Architecture has the ability, through the manipulation of architectural variables, to produce within us a response from each of these areas, and therefore to move us closer to achieving truth , balance, and order.

Ski resorts -- Environmental aspects, Vail (Colo.), Resort architecture -- Case studies, Sports facilities, Recreation