The effects of the Texas teacher appraisal system on the climate of six small school systems



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Texas Tech University


This study was designed to determine teacher perceptions of the fairness and accuracy of the Texas Teacher Appraisal System (TTAS) and its effects on school climate in six school districts in North Central Texas. The research was to determine any change in school climate as it affected the professional staff of the six school districts during the first year of implementation of the TTAS. Any such change in climate was to be indicated by the CFK Climate Profile. This profile was part of a survey administered to teachers from al1 six school districts.

A questionnaire was administered to participating teachers as part of the survey. This questionnaire was utilized to determine the perceptions of the participating teachers concerning the effects of the TTAS on the climate of their school.

The data from both parts of the survey were compiled. Graphic representations of the survey data were then produced to be used during the interview phase of the study. Using the graphic data from the survey as a focus, teachers from the participating schools were interviewed. These interviews provided additional data concerning the effects of the TTAS on school climate in the participating schools.

In this case study, 20 teachers were interviewed, and more than 400 teachers responded to the survey portion of the study. The survey was administered three times during the school year, which provided data from over 1200 surveys. The survey was administered prior to the start of school, after the first appraisal period, and after the final summative conference of the year.

The data analysis revealed that teachers perceived the TTAS as being unfair and damaging to school climate. These negative perceptions progressively deepened during the course of the school year. Further, teachers perceived the damage to the school climate caused by the TTAS was negatively impacting working relationships in the school districts. These working relationships that were harmed Included relationships among the teachers in the district and relationships between teachers and administrators in the district.



Teachers -- Rating of, Teachers -- Job satisfaction, Teacher morale