Three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics system forced by space-time white noise



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We consider the three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics system forced by noise that is white in both time and space. Its complexity due to four non-linear terms makes its analysis very intricate. Nevertheless, taking advantage of its structure and adapting the theory of paracontrolled distributions from [30], we prove its local well-posedness. A first challenge is to find an appropriate paracontrolled ansatz which must consist of both the velocity and the magnetic fields. Second challenge is that for some non-linear terms, renormalizations cannot be achieved individually; we overcome this obstacle by strategically coupling certain terms together rather than separately. Our proof is also inspired by the work of [70].


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Gaussian hypercontractivity, magnetohydrodynamics system, paracontrolled distri-butions, renormalization, Wick products


Yamazaki, K.. 2023. Three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics system forced by space-time white noise. Electronic Journal of Probability, 28.