Developing a cohort blended curriculum model (face-to-face and online) for a Master of Arts of Theatre degree

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Public higher education is making a paradigm shift in the delivery of class information and teaching strategies. It is possible to establish a blended-accelerated cohort Master of Arts in theatre arts degree that is valid and retains the quality of a traditional face-to-face degree. While building this model, it is important to build a pathway for completion, offer a quality program for nontraditional students, mentor the nontraditional students in the program, and allow a shorter interval for completion of a Master of Arts degree in theatre. The objective of this research is to show that distance education can be included in a graduate theatre program. Specifically, I plan to develop a curriculum for a Master of Arts in theatre by suggesting a summer-cohort hybrid model that targets mainly nontraditional students. This program will provide an opportunity for nontraditional students’ academic requirements, while combining a hybrid and face-to-face model for students’ access and success.

Distance education, Online learning, Hybrid learning, MA in theatre, MFA in theatre