The Anatomy of Interpretation: A Podcast Series for Effective Competitive Speech Performance using Aristotle's Poetics

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Speech and debate is an ever-expanding activity at various academic institutions with a wide-variety of events including interpretation performance. In response to growing demand for performance technique improvement opportunities and resources, the One Clap Speech and Debate Podcast, a Wyoming-based organization dedicated to providing free educational resources for speech and debate, will publish the series The Anatomy of Interpretation. The eight-episode series uses Aristotle’s Poetics to give students, coaches, parents, judges, and anyone else generally interested in the foundations of effective western storytelling a breakdown of each major area of script analysis to improve individual performance. The Anatomy of Interpretation provides free, easily accessible, student-friendly lessons on the importance of interpretation as an artform and powerful persuasive tool in an activity with argumentation as the central focus.

Poetics, Interpretation Performance, Interpretation, Script Analysis, Speech and Debate