Developing environmental consciousness in future generations by designing green schools



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THEORY STATEMENT As the need for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle becomes overwhelmingly essential in order to sustain our planet, so does an environmental education that can create a means to achieve this. Architecture should provide an environment that exposes and educates a building's occupants, even at the youngest ages, to environmentally sustainable principles that can be carried and utilized throughout their lives for the betterment of society. FACILITY STATEMENT The proposed project is an 80,000 square foot, environmentally sustainable, kindergarten through fifth grade public elementary school for 240 students. CONTEXT STATEMENT The site is located in Seattle, Washington, and encompasses 530,000 square feet or 12 acres. The surrounding area is comprised of residential, commercial and institutional zoning. Like much of Seattle, the area is frequented by pedestrians and cyclists. A public transportation facility abuts the site directly to the west. It is a populated area with a variety of roadways including freeways, major arterials and small residential streets. Additionally, there is some topography as well as generous natural vegetation.



Elementary school buildings -- Design, Sustainable architecture, Seattle (Wash.)