The architecture of windstorm protection



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Architecture can provide significantly improved protection. In the event of a j disastrous windstorm, through technology transfer, building form considerations, and building material Innovations. The facility should be designed and constructed such that structural Integrity Is maximized while the damaging effects of missile Impacts are minimized. The contextual response should serve a two-fold purpose: to minimize the vulnerability of the facility in a damaging windstorm, and to act as a venue for presenting technology transfers and for justifying their uses In future design. The project is an elementary school In Quitman, Texas - a small, yet growing, town just north of Tyler. The school will accommodate approximately 750 students and will have a total building area of approximately 56,000 Sq. ft. The primary consideration, beyond that of adequate education of the students. Is to provide a significantly improved amount of protection regarding the possible phenomena of a disastrous tornado. Since the defined purpose of the architect concerns the health, safety, and welfare of building patrons. It Is Impossible to Imagine a separation of architecture from design concepts related to windstorm protection. The consideration of each architectural element with respect to its potential as a lifesaving element could produce significant positive repercussions throughout many disciplines. These repercussions will ultimately improve the equality of architecture In the future, as well as, contribute to the advancement of knowledge that is necessary to transcend the boundaries that may appear In the future.



Architecture, School buildings -- Design., Elementary schools -- Design., Building, Stormproof -- Design., Quitman (Tex.)