An Underestimated Showcase of Student Scholarship: Law School Institutional Repositories

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Duquesne Law Review

Law schools have been using institutional repositories as a showcase for law journals and faculty scholarly achievements for a long time, but law school institutional repositories fail to collect student scholarship regularly. Aspects of law school institutional repositories make no sense when directly benefiting both students and law schools and failing to display student scholarship. This Article examines student scholarship in law school institutional repositories, analyzing its current status, advantages, and keys to success. The Article shows that law school institutional repositories underappreciate student scholarship, and the content of student repositories also lacks diversity. This approach impairs the positive impacts a student scholarship repository should have had on student writing and employment, law school admissions and alumni relations. The Article highlights four key points for a successful law student scholarship repository, including the quality of student scholarship, marketing, copyrights, and FERPA compliance. The Article argues, to maximize the positive effects of a law student scholarship repository, law schools must carefully design institutional repositories to expand their content and diversity.

Legal education, Digital repositories, Law student repository, Law student scholarship, Institutional repositories, Legal scholarship
60 Duquesne L. Rev. 34