An experience of immersion: The Lubbock Aquarium


THE8IQ STATEMENT Architecture can provide a stage through which people are immersed into a microcosm. By utilizing all of a person's senses, the entered world can become very real, allowing the person to gain a greater level of understanding about that environment. SCOPE OF PROJECT This project will be an aquarium that focus on the journey of water in this region. The jouney begins in the mountains of Colorado, travels through the rivers of central Texas, and ends at the Gulf of Mexico. The aquarium will display a variety of aquatic life from these regions in a realistic setting. The exhibits will have tanks ranging from 100 gallons of water to 350,000 gallons of water. The aquarium will also contain an education/research center, a gift shop and a small cafe. CONTEXT STATEMENT The site will be located on a ridge overlooking the Buddy Holly Rec Area in the Yellowhouse Canyon Lakes Park. The railroad. Loop 289, and industries form the border of this park, which was created to revitalize this historic waterway. The facility will incorporate the existing park to in order to boost the image of the canyon draw.

Aquariums -- Design., Senses and sensation., Lubbock (Tex.)