Aunt Jane of Kentucky.

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University Press of Kentucky

Well known for her gentle folk wisdom, the elderly fictional Aunt Jane vividly describes a picturesque and almost vanished way of life in the rural South of the last century. Her words recall lavish Sunday dinners, courtships, quilting bees, church meetings, and county fair competitions. Yet Aunt Jane of Kentucky is more than a collection of reminiscences about the region of Western Kentucky where Eliza Caroline Obenchain (who published under the name Eliza Calvert Hall) was born and raised. A dedicated suffragist, Obenchain worked to win rights for women in the areas of property ownership and divorce. Now modern readers can become acquainted with the strong women of these tales.

Foreword by Bonnie Jean Cox omitted due to copyright.
Originally published in 1907 by Little, Brown & Company.
Older women--Fiction, Widows--Fiction, Kentucky--Fiction