Sex role of women portrayed in Taiwanese advertising: A comparison between 1982 and 1992

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A content analysis was conducted in order to investigate whether the roles of women in Taiwanese advertising has kept pace with the progressive changes of women in society. It was hypothesized that there would be more progressive roles of women used in ads, and the use of most sexist portrayals and nonstereotypic portrayals of women would have increased over time. In addition, the degree of sexism contained in the ads \Vith female models was also examined by different types of magazines and different years. In 1982 and 1992, 996 print advertisements were gathered from two Taiwanese n1agazines. The results of the study suggested that the use of neutral roles of won1en, but not the progressive portrayals of women, in ads increased over time. The percentage of non-stereotypic portrayals of \VOn1en increased fro1n 1982 to 1992, while the percentage of most sexist portrayals of \vomen decreased during this time span. It was also found that the ads of women's n1agazines contained n1ore sexist concepts toward women than the ads of general interest magazines. It was concluded that Taiwanese advertisements headed in a progressive direction to depict women in ads, but the change was very small, co1npared to the drastic demographic changes of Taiwanese fe1nales fron1 1982 to 1992.

Women in advertising -- Taiwan, Sex role in advertising -- Taiwan, Advertising -- Taiwan