Integrated behavioral healthcare: Formative program evaluations of training activities



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This dissertation provides the results from formative program evaluations (PE) of the experiences of students in the integrated behavioral healthcare training curriculums for students at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The director of behavioral medicine conducts integrated behavioral healthcare (IBHC) training for residents and medical family therapy students. This dissertation includes a literature review to understand the background of integrated behavioral healthcare training and program evaluation. The methodology, results, discussion sections are presented. Both programs intend to educate providers on working collaboratively in IBHC settings. The evaluations were completed to provide stakeholders with information, using previously collected qualitative and quantitative data. The program director and doctoral fellows collected the information from 2015 until 2019 for quality improvement purposes. The analysis included an assessment of data from 315 responses to identify aspects of strength and growth desired from the residents and therapists. Thematic analyses were used to analyze the open-ended questions from surveys that were collected from both programs. ANOVA and descriptive statistics were used to analyze the quantitative data. Information was also assembled from stakeholders to assess need, interventions, resources, and the processes of the courses. Logic models were created from the information gathered with the purpose of delineating the inputs, activities, and outcomes. The completed PEs are presented within the appendices of the document.



Program evaluation, Medical family therapy, Integrated behavioral healthcare training, Integrated behavioral healthcare