Push-up Exercise Medical Device Design and Assessment



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Medical Industry is expanding by implementing innovative medical devices, equipment, and fast operations. Smart medical devices are enabling patients to perform heavy and complex exercises at any place. The push-up exercise is popular in military, college, or other places, especially for the young age group because this type of exercise is a whole-body movement with whole-body muscle contractions. However, whenever a person reaches 70 or 80 years old, it is difficult to perform a regular push-up on the floor or flat plane. The main reason is that for the elderly their muscle strengths have degenerated, and they also lose certain of balance. To ensure this group of elderly to continue to do push-up, a special push-up device is needed. The objective of this study is to develop a portable, and simple push-up device for the elderly. Unlike the traditional push-up on the flat support plane, the designed device is an adjustable angle one ranging from 0° to 50° angles with respect to the floor. This project focuses on the design and development of a strong and lightweight angular push-up device that resolves product development problems like material selection, smart structure design, fast assembly, and cost-efficient utilizing research and development, analytical calculations and 3-D simulations. Initially, several devices are designed and analyzed through FEA methods. The research showed that designs 1,2,3 and 4 has bulky, heavy, costly and unsafe factors. Further, the research study achieved that the aluminium alloy-made final design was the best solution, which was suitable to manufacture at low cost, easy to assemble, has good strength, and less deformation. The finite element analysis was conducted to calculate weight, stress deformation, distinguish between materials and static force. The results from these parameters demonstrated that the final design could use for the angular push-up exercise.



Inclined Push-up Dedical Device, 3D Designs, FEA Analysis, Aluminium Alloy Frames, Floor Stabilizers