Thermal Control of the Cryogenic Upper Stage of Ariane 6



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49th International Conference on Environmental Systems


The Upper Liquid Propulsion Module (ULPM) is the upper stage of the new Ariane 6 currently under development. Utilizing a re-ignitable engine it provides full flexibility for costumers serving LEO, SSO, MEO, GTO and Earth escape missions. This wide range of missions poses several challenges for the thermal control of the stage. Long coasting phases of several hours require innovative strategies for propellant management and insulation concepts to keep the cryogenic LH2 and LOX in the desired conditions. High-temperature insulations have to deal with aero-thermal loads during atmospheric flight and the heat radiation coming from the radiative-cooled engine nozzle. Electrical equipment has to be protected from the temperature extremes and maintained in ambient temperature range. This paper gives an overview of the thermal control system and the associated thermal simulations of the ULPM.


Rick Burow, ArianeGroup, Germany
Daniel Just, ArianeGroup, Germany
Anna Adamczyk, ArianeGroup, Germany
Cord Jagels, ArianeGroup, Germany
Alexander Milke, ArianeGroup, Germany
Christian Wendt, ArianeGroup, Germany
Helge Kneistler, ArianeGroup, Germany
ICES106: Thermal Control for Space Launch Vehicles, Propulsion, and Nuclear Power Systems
The 49th International Conference on Environmental Systems as held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on 07 July 2019 through 11 July 2019.


Launcher, Ariane 6, Thermal Control