Are Law Firm Partners Islands Unto Themselves? An Empirical Study of Law Firm Peer Review and Culture




Fortney, Susan Saab

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Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics


This article examines how attitudes and law firm culture affect peer review and principal accountability by using empirical data obtained from a survey of Texas law firms. Part I briefly describes the research design and the general profiles of respondents of the survey. Part II discusses the peer review measures used by the firms surveyed for this article. Part III analyzes attitudes about peer review. Part IV focuses on the obstacles to peer review. Part V considers the connection between firm culture and the implementation of peer review measures. Finally, the conclusion explains how firm managers can reshape attitudes to address the resistance to peer review and institute peer review measures which serve the firm, its attorneys, its clients, and the community.



Peer review, Law firms, Partners


10 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 271