Military-connected students: A multiple case study on the challenges of mobility and success in mathematics



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Military-connected students comprise a significant portion of the student population and often come with unique academic and emotional challenges associated with transition. The purpose of this qualitative multiple case study, through school based design improvement, is to address a current educational problem of practice within this school district and surrounding districts who serve military-connected students. The focus of the study is campus administrators, counselors, and teachers. Specifically, their knowledge, skills, and processes utilized to meet the unique academic needs of the military-connect student transitioning to a new high school. This study will address the following research questions:1) In what ways will the systematic identification and awareness of military-connected high school students, as a discrete subgroup, increase awareness of and response to their individual academic strengths and challenges; 2) In what ways will targeted professional learning positively affect the perceptions, competence, and practice of campus leaders, counselors, and instructional staff regarding the unique academic issues of military-connected students; and 3) In what ways will specific information related to knowledge and skills in mathematics obtained through the use of a diagnostic screener effect the high school mathematics teachers’ ability to design personalized instruction for the highly mobile military-connected student. This multiple case study examines the perspectives and experiences of campus administrators, counselors, and mathematics teachers with military-connected students. It delves into the unique academic needs that accompany military-connected students in mathematics due to their mobility and possibilities of mitigating the impact of mobility through communication, a system for recognizing military-connected students as a discrete student population and diagnostic assessment to inform instruction to best meet the academic needs of military-connected students in mathematics.



Military-connected students, Multiple case study, Design-based school improvement, Transition, Mathematics achievement, Cultural responsiveness