San Antonio Center for the Performing Arts


Architei:ture designed through critical regionalism strengthens ;i region's existing cullures. Critical Regionalism is described as taking diflerent elements from a region and using these elements in a distinct manner, which causes people to reflect and make value judgements about a particular region's culture, environment, and historv' C ullure is a dialectical expression. This expression self-consciously seeks to deconstruct universal modernism by images and values, 'Ahile at the same time mixing theso elements with examples obtained from foreign sources With this, we can promote and stren^lhen regional culture and deconstruct the global community or the way ever>'thing is done nowadays This will endeavor to cultivate a contemporary place-oriented culture without becoming inappropriately complicated.' The facility that 1 have chosen is a Performing Arts Center. This performance center will consist of 3 performance areas A Thrust Theater for 600 people, an Intermediate Theater which will hold 1000 people, and a Grand Theater which will hold 1500 people. Each theater will be designed for different performance types. The context that \ have selected is San Antonio, TX This facility will be designed to accommodate the performing arts from dance to theater to music The image communicated through the facility is that the building is strictly for the city of San Antonio, though its content will be all-inclusive What I mean by all-inclusive is that all cultures and their art will feel welcome and belonging 1 fee! that San Antonio is a city that is both rich in culture and history and also an area with distinct elements that give the place a unique identity.



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