Anxiety, attachment, and finances: An actor-partner moderation analysis



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Despite many different sex couples seeking clinical treatment for financial issues and mental health concerns, minimal research has examined how income, financial distress, symptoms of anxiety, and attachment are associated within different sex relationships. Using dyadic data from 274 married or cohabiting, different sex couples, an actor-partner moderation model examined annual income and financial distress as moderators on the association between symptoms of anxiety and two forms of insecure attachment: anxious and avoidant. This study strives to expand current literature by examining how, and to what degree, income may play a part in a couple’s experiences with symptoms of anxiety and adult attachment. Results indicated that financial distress and income do not act as moderators in the link between anxiety symptoms and insecure attachment styles (avoidant and anxious), but significant direct links were identified between financial distress and avoidant attachment levels for both females and males. These results suggest an undefined context in which financial distress relates to mental health and adult attachment. Increased understanding of the role of income and financial distress in couple relationships may aid helping professionals, such as couple, marriage, and family therapists, in providing insight for possible interventions related to mental health, financial stress, and adult attachment.



Anxiety, Finances, Moderation, Attachment