The effects of incorporating methods for acquiring academic self-efficacy into the writing instruction for individuals with a specific learning disability



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This study intended to validate whether specific instruction on the writing process embedded with self-efficacy methods improved the writing abilities and writing self-efficacy belief in students with an SLD. Four students in the fifth and eighth grades with an SLD were assessed using authentic and norm referenced writing assessments prior to, during and following instruction of the writing process that incorporated evidence-based methods to increase academic self-efficacy. A multifactor self-efficacy scale was administered prior to, during and following the intervention. Results indicated that all four students displayed gains in their scores in their post authentic and norm-referenced assessments. All four students improved their writing self-efficacy in at least one area, and three out of the four participants increased their overall writing self-efficacy. These results emphasize the importance of modifying the writing self-efficacy of students with an SLD and how it can improve their writing abilities by increasing the quality, time spent, self-regulation, and ideation in their writing.



Writing self-efficacy, Writing abilities, Specific learning disability