Software for the analysis and evaluation of aggregate sources using aggregate frictional properties



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Texas Tech University


In this thesis project, software is developed to implement a procedure for rating bituminous pavement aggregates based on expected field skid performance. The above procedure was developed by researchers in the Civil Engineering Department at Texas Tech University. This software analyzes the laboratory test values and field skid measurements corresponding to each aggregate and predicts the field performance rating as well as the terminal skid number for the aggregate.

Also, the software is equipped with features to plot graphs and generate reports based on the performance of the aggregates in laboratory tests and field tests. Separate windows are provided for the user to enter information regarding new aggregates, to modify the existing values, and also to delete the existing aggregate records. The graphs plotted and the reports generated can be sent to the printer if the user wishes to have a hard copy of them. Software is tested for its efficiency and accuracy with real data collected by the Civil Engineering Department, Texas Tech University.



Pavements -- Skid resistance -- Evaluation, Pavements -- Evaluation -- Computer programs, Bituminous -- Evaluation, Pavements, Pavements -- Skid resistance -- Measurement