Multi-media art studio complex: A study of individual autonomy in a group setting


Thesis statement architecture can promoth freedom and autonomy for an individual in a group setting by clearly defining spaces such that a sense of privacy is established for the individual as well as allowing for individual and group interaction. This sense of individuality can be represented by an architecture that is a sculptural response to a specified set of performance requirements. As a functional architecture. It must meet the needs of the users. And as a sculptural architecture. It should express the ideas and concepts in an abstract manner as an expressive architecture, the design should convey a sense of the purpose for that architecture. In this understanding. The architecture should tell a story. However it is expected by this designer that the story will grow in time as the architecture is utilized. Therefore. The designer can only set the story in motion without a predetermined denouement when a building is being built, there is an impatience to bring it into being. Not a blade of grass can grow near this activity. Look at the building after it is built. Each part that was built with so much anxiety and joy and willingness to proceed tries to say when you're using the building, "let me tell you about how i was made." nobody is listening because the building is now satisfying need. The desire in its making is not evident. As time passes. When it is a ruin. The spirit of its making comes back. It welcomes the foliage that entwines and conceals. Everyone who passes can hear the story it wants to tell about its making. It is no longer in servitude; the spirit is back. Louis kahn. Conversations with architects in this project. I intend to answer three major questions through architectural design response. The questions are as follows: 1. Can the quality of the architecture affect the quality of performance of those who would make use of the spaces it contains? Z how might space be defined such that it would promote the interaction of groups or individuals? 3. Can architecture promote freedom and autonomy for the individual in a group setting? Facility type: the facility type chosen for this project is a multi-media art studio complex the idea behind this project is a facility for twenty artists who are skilled in various media. Media to be included are steel and metal working. Ceramics. Blown and flat glass. And painting. As a multi-media art studio complex it is expected that the artists will collaborate their efforts to develop multi-media projects. It is also expected that individual artists will utilize the various facilities to develop multi-media designs and projects. A scope of project: there are several major issues that concern a multi-media art studio complex. The first issue is that of interaction. Interaction in a multimedia art studio complex occurs in three primary instances. Interaction will occur between individuals on a private level. Between individuals and groups on a public level. And between form and function on a conceptual level. The next issue is that of personalization. As a facility for artists, it is expected that the individual artists will establish and personalize the spaces within which they are working and living. The architecture should provide for the alteration and personalization of individual spaces to suit the artists needs. The ability of the artists to create their own environments should then reflect in the development of the artists' personal styles of art another critical issue in this design is that of public verses private. Public spaces and private spaces on this project should be clearly defined such that the spaces be utilized to their maximum intention. This should also reflect in the art produced in this facility. A sense of individual and group efforts should be recognized in the art production and display. The facility image is an important factor in the success of this facility. It is vital that this building make an artistic and abstract statement about its purpose as a multi-media art studio complex the image of the facility will play a large role in the attraction of artists as well as attracting art buyers and consumers to the facility. No matter what the building looks like, however if the facility is not functional, it will severely limit the abilities of the artists to fully explore their ideas and projects. Provided spaces must be adequate for equipment movement storage, and access. Interior spaces should not limit the size or quality of work due to poor access or quality of lighting. Also. Proper ventilation and safety must be taken into consideration concerning both the interior as well as exterior working environments. Lastly. The views and ambience of and from the facility must be given close attention. This aspect of the place is particularly important in that it deals with the spiritual and inspirational qualities of an artistic environment context statement this project will deal with several areas of context. It will deal with the relationship between art and architecture. Also. The relationship between the artist and the environment will be considered. Lastly. The locational context will be outlined. It is necessary to study the relationship between art and architecture in order to understand the functional needs and requirements of an art studio complex the architecture of a space can enhance the quality of work produced by the artist this will be measurable by meeting functional requirements. Creating adaptable spaces. Providing proper degrees of both natural and artificial lighting. And by providing unique and inspiring places in which to work. The relationship between artist and environment must be studied in order to understand the environmental needs of the artists. Behavior patterns must be studied. The effects of different types of environments on artists must also be studied in order to determine the proper setting for the facility. The locational context must also be understood. The city of aspen, colorado, has been chosen for this facility due to its climate, tourism, and mountainous terrain. It is intended that this facility be a "pilgrimage" for artists as well as art buyers. A natural setting near a tourist community is the proper choice for this type of facility.



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