New uses for neglected spaces



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In today's cities, large numbers of vacant, unused lands in downtown areas of modern cities can be easily seen. They are not only unsightly but also likely to become a breeding ground for criminal activities that endanger residents and visitors and contribute to further deterioration of the neighborhoods. The reuse of neglected spaces can provide opportunities for reshaping a city¡¦s appearance, streetscapes and creates future improvements to enhance the downtown experience for its users.

A site in downtown Lubbock in the state of Texas will be used as the locale for this thesis. The site chosen is a central business district of downtown Lubbock. Six specific spaces from the selected site will be redesigned in an attempt to provide ways to reclaim them to rightful uses. These spaces include some vacant lots between buildings, an abandoned building and surface parking lots.

This thesis will propose adopting a new function to the neglected spaces, so that they can become attractive and useful, and thus, add to the economic growth of the downtown and its sustainability. In addition, it favors increasing public open spaces and creating green corridors in downtown Lubbock. The intention of this study is also to decrease urban sprawl, enhance people¡¦s lives, and attract new visitors.



Open spaces, Neglected spaces, Reuse