The association between sex roles and recovery from alcoholism in women

dc.creatorDucote, D'Ann Economicsen_US
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of the present study was to examine sex roles across three groups of women: nonalcoholics, practicing alcoholics, and recovering alcoholics. The participants in the study were 63 white, college educated women between the ages of 18 and 35, identified as either androgynous, undifferentiated, masculine or feminine. Additionally, the recovering group was asked to retrospectively evaluate themselves as to their sex roles when they were still drinking. A systems model was used to explain the recovering group's transition from- active alcoholism, to recovery, and then to androgyny. The results indicated no significant differences among the three groups on sex role designation that were pertinent to the study; however, the nonalcoholic group did prove to be somewhat more feminine than the other two groups. Significant differences were reported between the current and retrospective sex roles of the recovering group, a difference which revealed that 17 were undifferentiated in their retrospective accounts and only five were undifferentiated in their current accounts. Additional results indicated that the systems model used was helpful in explaining the recovering alcoholic's reorientation from active alcoholism to sobriety though not to androgyny. Discussion of the results emphasized the need to utilize the recovering alcoholic as a means through which to understand the effects of alcoholism and recovery from it. Furthermore, it is suggested that this group be utilized in studying not only alcoholism and sex roles but other interpersonal and intrapersonal issues such as developmental and psychosocial processes that can be affected by alcoholism. Discussion of the results also suggested the use of the systems model as a valid conceptualization of the recovering alcoholic's reorientation process.
dc.publisherTexas Tech Universityen_US
dc.subjectAlcoholism -- Treatmenten_US
dc.subjectSex roleen_US
dc.subjectWomen -- Alcohol useen_US
dc.titleThe association between sex roles and recovery from alcoholism in women
dc.typeDissertation Economics and Consumer Sciences Economics Tech University


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