The carp catachers: A collection of poems

dc.creatorWhittington, Janice D.
dc.description.abstractThe craft of writing poems requires that the poet connect to her world and then leap out on a thin wire of words to see if she can make a connection to the reader, to see if somehow the words create images that bring the circumstance, the emotions, the epiphany of the poem to the reader. The poet, therefore, is innately a risk taker. This collection is a leap into the air by the poet, trusting the words and images to make those connections to the reader. These poems vary in voice and subject matter but loosely cluster around two major areas. Although one group focuses around the land and nature, and the poems in the other group have a more personal focus, the boundaries intermix. The title poem, "The Carp Catchers," contains its own specific circumstances, but the concept underlying the poem threads throughout the entire collection. The essence of what makes humans heroic lies in the simple dignity of the man or woman who has the courage to put one foot in front of the other and go on while facing the struggles, tedium, sorrow, and joy life presents. Like these characters, the poet, too, is a carp catcher, working with words, images, line breaks, rhythm, and all the tools of the craft, striving to make her connect in a special way with the reader. Standing in the muddy waters like the people of the title poem, the poet reaches into the murk, searching for the bright flash of an orange carp.
dc.publisherTexas Tech Universityen_US
dc.titleThe carp catachers: A collection of poems
dc.typeDissertation Tech University


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