Optimizing rig performance through NPT reduction




Abu-Tahnat, Abdulrahman

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Rig performance is the key factor for meeting or exceeding the business plan. Drilling capital expenditure represents significant proportion of any oil and gas project. Typically, drilling investment is 30-50% of the total project expenditure for the well and therefore rig performance has considerable influence on well costs. A literature review on previous studies have shown the implementation of different practices such as adopting certain rig monitoring systems to help improve the overall rig performance. Nevertheless, the challenges also consist of poor teamwork, inexperienced rig crews, equipment failure, an increase in flat times, etc. The methodology follows the analysis of statistical data through Company X’s archives for the documented operational incidents & Halliburton’s drilling engineering software, “OpenWells,” with emphasis on Non Productive Time (NPT) records as the performance history from 2009-2012. The study focus is particularly on the amount of time lost that could be reduced with general and particular solutions, which correlates to how much money can be saved. There will also be a further examination on what Company X has changed over the years to reduce NPT as well as Invisible Lost Time (ILT) to meet the company’s business plan and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). What was effective or ineffective from different optimization methods over the years’ NPT? Understanding the issues will help in creating solutions in order to enhance the rig performance for Company X and for other oil & gas operators. Furthermore, the solutions will be different proven ideas and practical possibilities that can be contributed in the rig site to sustain and improve the company’s integrity in the phases of the drilling operations.

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Drilling operations, Drilling engineering