An investigation into adapting U.S. regional accreditation standards to Vietnamese accreditation



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This research study examined the experiences of a U.S. university in the Southwest when complying with SACSCOC Comprehensive Standard 3.3 (Institutional Effectiveness) and explored the perspectives of Vietnamese educators regarding the feasibility of adapting this standard in Vietnam. The findings from U.S. participant interviews were in three categories: infrastructure to assess student learning outcomes, challenges the institution encountered and solutions the participants suggested. Interviews with Vietnamese educators regarding the feasibility of adapting the standard of institutional effectiveness into the Vietnamese national quality assurance standards revealed several issues in Vietnam accreditation. These educators provided suggestions for adapting the institutional effectiveness standard in the Vietnam context. I also made recommendations for the Ministry of Education and Training, centers for accreditation and Vietnamese higher education institutions to facilitate the implementation process for institutional effectiveness.



U.S. regional accreditation, Institutional effectiveness, Vietnam accreditation