Fairness of task scheduling in high performance computing environments


We claim that the current scheduling systems for high performance computing environments are unable to fairly distribute resources among the users, and as such, are unable to maximize the overall user satisfaction. We demonstrate that a user can game the system to cause a temporal starvation to the other users of the system, even though all users will eventually finish their job in the shared-computing environment. Undesired and unfair delays in the current fair-shared schedulers impede these schedulers from wide deployments to users with diverse usage profiles.


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Grid computing, High performance computing, Parallel computing, Shared infrastructure, Task scheduling


Sedighi, A., Deng, Y., & Zhang, P.. 2014. Fairness of task scheduling in high performance computing environments. Scalable Computing, 15(3). https://doi.org/10.12694/scpe.v15i3.1020