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Thesis With all the special interest given to UFOs and similar unexplained phenomenon by media, writers and public opinions, a special energy and excitement generates; thus creating a need for architecture to step in and become a new medium and language in which UFO phenomenon can be experienced. I will examine the Homeo-dynamics of architecture: a concept that establishes links between Newtonian (human), macro , and micro scales; an architecture that measures, calculates, and bridges the significance of life and the directions sentience may take as a result; the nature of Homeo-dynamics. Facility Type A UFO museum and research facility housing a science and culture based institute for the study of alien cultures and similar unexplained phenomenon. Project Scope This facility will serve as a private research center, and as a public museum place to contemplate the possibility of UFO encounters, the probability of possible alien life within our own galaxy, and the role humanity would play if there were contact here on earth. This museum will integrate a series of research and information stations throughout the museum to be used as exhibits. Public and private scientific research areas will also provide direct access to information discovered by use of viewing stations and information databases. Educational opportunities will encourage the public to involve themselves through the use of the facility's theatre, library, auditorium, and exhibits. Context this proposed facility will be located within the castle district of Castelgrande residing in the city of Bellinzona, Switzerland. This particular area offers a intense historical and cultural background relating to issues of UFO sightings, phenomenon, and local interest.



Architecture, Museums -- Design.