Model and analysis: Diabetes and obesity



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The thesis is a further revision of a mathematical model based upon Sorensen’s progress and Alvehag’s modification under Dr Clyde Martin. The intention of the model is to address the aspect of regulating glucose concentration with in the body from a control theory point of view. The chosen method of simulation is based upon the pharmacokinetic approach; and our revision main aspect is to address the effect free fatty acid (FFA) in the blood. This is a necessary step since the primary role of the model is to establish a mathematical model simulating the behavior of a type II diabetic patient. Type II diabetes can be classified into categories; such early stages of type II diabetes and fully developed type II diabetes. The thesis emphasis on the affect of insulin resistance by including a sub-model of adipose tissue; hence creating a further understanding to the behavior of a healthy human body under induced insulin resistance, or obese individuals, or early stages of a type II diabetic patient. The thesis remains lacking the ability to simulate the unique behavior of impaired insulin secretion. Further research is needed to be able to fully simulate the response of early stages type II diabetic patients and follow the progress into a fully type II diabetic patients.



Conthrol-theory, Obesity, Diabetes, Model, Mathematics