The director's choices for a production of What I did last summer



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Texas Tech University


The following document will examine specific directorial choices made by this author for a production of What I Did last Summer for the Texas Tech University Summer Repertory Theater in 1994. One of the strongest mspirations for the direction of this play was the Robert Frost poem, "The Road Not Taken." This poem is directly applicable to the story that unfolds through What I Did last Summer, as both works tell about regrets and reflections and a curiosity about the unknown. The play is about unanswered questions and the recognition of the importance of a single choice m life. It is the acknowledgment that a decision, once made, can rarely be changed, even though it affects one for life. The play itself is a "coming of age" play. It examines the regrets and reflections of all the characters as well as their curiosky about what might have been. Charlie, the main character, also investigates his own personal choices and acknowledges the finality of certain decisions.



Theater -- Production and direction, Gurney, A. R. (Albert Ramsdell), 1930- What I did last summer