The Flutist's Palette: An Integrated Approach to Expanding Sonic Timbre through Phonetics and Vocal Practices



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This document offers an approach to flute performance and pedagogy that incorporates ideas associated with phonetics and vocal arts. Through the integration of phonetics, flutists are able to achieve a larger palette of sonic timbre and articulation to connections made between conversational speech and flute performance concepts such as articulation and sound production. The use of the International Phonetic Alphabet provides a basis for the inclusion of vowels and consonants used in speech to be used in the art of flute performance. The introduction of resonant spaces of the body and their margins aid in building a kinesthetic awareness needed to manipulate each respective resonating cavity. The classification of vowels and consonants in addition to the study of articulatory processes unlocks a breadth of terminology not universally present in flute pedagogy. Applications of resonance, vowel, and consonant allow for the flutist to incorporate new concepts into their daily practice thus furthering the goal of this document.



flute, phonetics, vocal arts, resonance, consonant, vowel