Data entry methods for graphics



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Texas Tech University


In 1984, the Graphical Kernel System (GKS) became the first international standard for graphics systems. The GKS is a graphics standard developed by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN). It is a set of graphics primitives which allow users to write interactive computer graphics application programs. It has six logical input devices, four output primitives, segmentation, multiple workstations, and metafiles for both input and output. Each logical input device can operate under Request, Sample, and Event modes. This thesis discusses the logical input devices of the GKS standard, together with the Request, Sample, and Event modes of data entry. The thesis also compares GKS with the CORE graphics standard, which was developed by the ACM SIGGRAPH Graphics Standard Planning Committee (GSPC). Finally, the thesis demonstrates the feasibility of implementing the different GKS modes of input on a microcomputer system.



TI Professional Computer, Computer graphics -- Computer programs, Microcomputers -- Programming, Interactive computer systems