The Wellman Field of South Central Terry County, Texas



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Texas Tech University


The Wollman field of Terry County, Texas, located two miles east of Wellman, produces from a limestone reef of Permian ago. The Wolfcamp roof was deposited on a local Pennsylvanian roof structure known as the "Horseshoe atoll" in the northern portion of the Midland basin.

The term "roof" la this paper Is used la reference to the bio-hermal type. It is mound-like in shape and has an extensive vertical range la relation to its areal extent. Both the Pennsylvanian and Permian reefing affected the structural closure of the producing formation as well as the overlying post-Wolfcamp reef beds.

The thick "pay" section, approximately 817 foot, Is of great economic interest and In West Texas Is comparable to the North Snyder field located on the eastern limb of the atoll.



Geology -- Texas