New Approach to Antibacterical Treatment of Cotton Fabric with Silver Nanoparticle-Doped Silica Using Sol-Gel Process




Dai, Lenore L.
Fralick, Joe
Hequet, Eric
Abidi, Noureddine
Kothari, Neha
Tarimala, Sowmitri

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Wiley Interscience


In this study, cotton fabric was successfully modified to have an antibacterial property through use of the sol- gel process. Dodecanethiol-capped silver nanopartides, which have powerful antibacterial activity, were incorporated in silica sol. The starting materials were silver nitrate, tetraoctylammonium bromide, sodium borohydride, chloroform, 1-dodecanethiol, ethanol, tetraethylorthosilicate, and water. The cotton fabric was padded with dodecanethiol- capped silver nanopartide-doped sol, dried at 60°C, and cured at 150°C. Scanning electron microscopy showed a uniform and continuous layer of doped solon the fiber surface. The antibacterial effects of the treated cotton fabric against Escherichia coli were examined and found to be excellent.




Tarimala S., N. Kothari, N. Abidi, E. Hequet, J. Fralick, L. Dai. 2006. New Approach to Antibacterial Treatment of Cotton Fabric with Silver Nanoparticles-doped Silica Using Sol-gel Process, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 101(5) 2938 – 2943.