Analysis of College Students’ Communication Apprehension Levels in the Tinder App



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Online dating is generally understood as a convenient tool that facilitates romantic initiation by anticipating interactions where users have almost total control on their self–presentation strategies. From this vantage point, it can be assumed that this environment would be convenient for those individuals who feel anxious or apprehensive while communicating in the dating communication context; thus, an online platform that reduces the textual information in the online dating interaction may be even more convenient for users who do not easily dare to communicate. Therefore, the present thesis examined differences between non-users and users of Tinder in terms of communication apprehension and Tinder use proposing a positive relationship as the main hypothesis. However, results indicated that this relationship is negative, then indicating that individuals with lower levels of CA use more Tinder; additionally, gender, job status, and personality traits were not found to be related with Tinder use. In consequence, these findings are aligned to previous scholarly work on CA and online environments where more gregarious individuals benefit the most from online environments rather than being useful for individuals less sociable successful.

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online dating, Tinder, communication apprehension, physical appearance, image fixation, dating anxiety