A cultural/recreational center for Midland and Odessa, Texas



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Thesis Statement Culture, history, tradition, technology, climate, and site, among others, 'e all elements to be considered in the design of architecture. 'chitectural Regionalism is the exploration of those elements in order to .nd new architectural forms that will advance society into the future .thout taking away from the heritage. That is the purpose of this thesis; to !sign an appropriate and interesting architecture that is recognizably Texan 1 expression, and that will invite, embrace, and enhance the lives of its ;ers. Facility Type and Scope of Project The facility type is a mixed-use facility, a cultural/recreational ~nter. This 82,723 square foot facility will provide spaces for a 14,000 If. theater, a 35,500 sqf. gymnasium, 4,400 sqf. of meeting rooms, exhibit, ld all the necessary spaces needed to support those areas and activities. Context Statement The site is located west of the airport complex between Midland and Jessa, Texas. The site is surrounded on three sides by roadways, PM 1788 to ~e west, and an entrance/exit road (Spur 40, to the airport area) to the Jrth and south. On the east edge of the site is a large post office complex. he site is flat with little significant vegetation barring mesquite trees nd tumbleweeds. Although, a row of trees line the roadway on the south edge f the site. Notable attractions in the immediate area are the airport, otels, small museums, and the Confederate Airforce Museum.



Architecture, Recreation centers -- Design, Art centers -- Design, Regionalism in architecture, Midland (Tex.), Odessa (Tex.)